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The Equal Beating Victorian Temperament

You can download the tuning sequences here.

  Jason Kanter’s graphs of the EBVT.

EBVT in action

The following examples of a piano tuned in the EBVT III were recorded in the home of a client in Portland, Oregon in early July, 2010.

The piano is a restored Mason & Hamlin RBB, a 7 foot concert grand model equipped with the original but restored Ampico Player system that plays traditional paper rolls as well as a modern LX playback system which plays selections recorded by professional artists on CD’s.

There were also two live pianists identified as Gregg and Patrick. Patrick is a professor of piano performance and Gregg is a professional, free lance pianist and organist. Gregg sight read a number of scores, therefore not all are note perfect but the purpose of exhibiting these music files is to demonstrate that the EBVT III is a versatile temperament, suitable for all musical styles from all periods.


The Ampico Player

The LX playback System