Registered Piano Technician


Piano Tuning $180.00 plus 5.5% sales tax
Pitch Raise $50 – $150 (extra fee depends on amount of extra work required)
Priced in ¼ day increments, $150 per ¼ day.
Replacement materials and some supplies are extra per item.
Appraisals An informal, verbal appraisal may be included with the tuning fee for no extra charge.
Formal, written appraisals for legal purposes, $150.00
Humidity Control System installation Grands: $600.000, Verticals: $550.00

Private Piano Tuning Tutoring For Associate members of the Piano Technicians Guild who wish to attempt the PTG Tuning Exam, tuning tutoring,
assistance and advice are offered free of charge as can be arranged through private appointment.
Prescreening for the PTG Tuning Exam is also available free of charge.

Tuning tutoring for all others is available on a limited basis by appointment at $50.00 per hour.